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Proactive Approach

Too many business fail to factor in the largest cost of information technology: Lost productivity from downtime. HillSouth's proactive approach to preventing downtime provides value beyond traditional break-fix approaches.

On average, for every hour of IT support you receive there is an hour and a half of lost productivity by your employees. Whether it is a system-wide outtage or a single user affected, downtime costs a lot of money. Our proprietary approach to preventing or quickly responding to technology failures consistently cuts downtime in half. We will work with you to determine how many hours of productivity are being lost each month as well as build a corrective course of action.

Our proactive steps include:

  • Anti-virus. Configured to meet PCI compliance, our anti-virus solution prevents infection whenever possible, effectively quarantines existing infections, and reports back to our central server to help us stop the infection from damaging your data
  • Cloud Backups. Unfortunately, data is lost even with the best prevention techniques. Our approach allows you to quickly recover, whether a file was deleted, a machine crashed, or data was corrupted
  • Patch Management. We centrally test and manage Microsoft patches, closing security holes and stabilizing your system
  • Periodic Maintenance. Our series of periodic maintenance steps take place in the background and keep your system running optimally without interrupting your ability to do business
  • Key Monitoring. We monitor key components of your system to identify potential hardware failures ahead of time. This allows you to replace dying hardware at a more convenient time
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News Articles

HillSouth Founder Recognized in White House Ceremony as Top 100 Young Entrepreneur

posted on October 15, 2012
HillSouth is among the prestigious 2012 Empact100, a list of the United States’ “Top 100 Companies Started by Young Entrepreneurs”

HillSouth Joins SCRA Technology Ventures as Resource Partner

posted on April 15, 2015
HillSouth joins with SCRA to grow the economy of SC. Through its flagship SC Launch program, this SCRA business sector makes investments in and offers support services to South Carolina’s early stage, start-up technology companies

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