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HIPAA and PCI Compliance

As security threats increase daily, compliance requirements to protect data continue to grow. With HillSouth Compliance, we can ensure that your Card Data Environment (CDE), Electronic Personal Health Information (EPHI) environment, or other sensitive data environment is secured and meets your compliance requirements.

Data Security is becoming a larger concern daily. If you operate in the retail or healthcare industries, you're already familiar with PCI-DSS and HIPAA. At HillSouth, we are dedicated to ensuring true compliance through on-going maintenance rather than a "set-and-forget" solution that often fails to meet all requirements.

Our approach is simple:

  • Assess your Compliance Environment
    • Card Data Environment (CDE) under PCI-DSS
    • Systems which transmit, process, store, maintain, or access Electronic Personal Health Information (EPHI)
  • Implement controls to ensure "CIA" of data
    • Confidentiality
    • Integrity
    • Accessibility
  • Document and maintain Compliance Environment
    • Document Card/Patient Data Flow and environment Network Diagrams
    • Perform periodic testing
    • Provide information and resources during your assesments and SAQs (Self-Assessment Questionnaires)
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News Articles

HillSouth Awarded Two Cisco State Contracts

posted on April 10, 2014
Florence-based HillSouth, a leading provider of IT services in the state, has been awarded two Cisco state contracts, enabling them to streamline sales to municipal, county, state, K-12 and public higher-education entities.

Florence-based HillSouth Achieves Premier Certification from Cisco

posted on July 02, 2013
HillSouth Announces Cisco Premier Certification

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