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Backup and Disaster Recovery

What is your company's downtime worth...every hour, every minute, every second? How can you mitigate the risks with your current backup systems and shrinking backup windows but expanding file storage needs? You need experts with a toolkit of solutions - HillSouth stands ready.

5 Questions You Should Ask EVERY BDR Vendor

  1. Can you provide me with instant local virtualization of any backup?   Downtime costs you money. In today’s world, being down for hours is  simply unacceptable.  Current BDR technologies should allow you to have servers  booting instantly so that servers can be restored in a matter of minutes.
  2. Do you virtualize off-site?   In the event of a catastrophe, it’s imperative to offer your the peace of mind that  your critical business infrastructure can be brought online quickly in the cloud. This  means that email, web and other critical client applications can be restored, even in the  event of a local or regional disaster.
  3. How many data centers do you have?   It is important to ensure that data stored off-site is also stored in geographically  diverse locations. Should a regional disaster occur, it’s important that the off-site data  remains unaffected.
  4. Do you provide off-site archiving?   When choosing a vendor, it is important look for one that provides off-site archiving.  This is important for two reasons. First, it ensures that even if data is removed locally  there is still a secure copy off-site that can be restored. Second, it saves money  because your local device capacity does not have to cover your entire backup  repository.  You can use a smaller device to store recent snapshots and periodic  backups locally, while the bulk of your repository can be stored off-site.
  5. Equipment Upgrades / Flexible Contracts?   Constant change is a fact of life in IT. When it comes to BDR, it’s important that you  choose a vendor who has flexible contracts and upgrade policies. Your storage  requirements can change rapidly, so ultimately, you need flexibility.

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